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Since I have been asked who really was there, for any project and to what degree, I thought I'd do up this page. I talked about many of my fellow staff with the people in charge in order to clarify my beliefs as to their positions. Please keep in mind that the people on this list are titled according to what they were hired to do. Note: Once again I promise to try and keep this up to date as people come and go.

So!! Please say hello to those who have contributed to JJAMB's projects during my time with them.


John Jackson

Owner/President - Prop Builder, Mechanicals

Monica Babic (Left Oct. 2000)

Former Vice President - Project Co-ordination

Ion Dumitrescu

Master Prop Builder, Architectural Modeler

Martin Hunger *ME*

Prop Builder, Electronics, Mechanicals

Gord Bray (Left late '99)

Painter, Sculptor

Scott Caney

Supply Manager, Caster, Finisher

Sarah O'Malley (Left Nov. 2000)

Office Assistant, Caster, Finisher

Jeremy MacPherson

Painter, Sculptor, Jr. Builder

Melanie McLean

New Office Assistant (welcome to the team!)

Over the years there have been a number of people who have been hired to pick up the slack and help us meet our deadlines. These people have been everything from specialists in Casting and Mold Making (Khang Pham-Nu), in Automotive Mechanics (Dan Baker), Machining (Aurele Carrier), Building (David Saunders), to those who had good general skills like Finishing (Scott Maple), Painting (Michael Casselman), and Detailing (Peter Randall). They are too many to mention here so I invite you to jump on over to the 'list' page to see who these people were and what production(s) they worked for.

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