These are a few of my favourite things


In the whole time I have been with JJAMB I have had my favourites. Like anyone in the Entertainment industry I look at some things and say 'Why me?' and other times I yell 'YES!'. This is my 'yes' page. The links below lead to pages with a few select photos of my favourite items. I tried to keep it to a minimal amount (If I went hog wild this page would be HUGE) and there are no detailed descriptions, just photos. My other pages ( already has descriptions and things like that on them. I also only put up items I worked on for JJAMB and none of my freelance work or hobby projects. Once more.... Please feel free to visit my other pages.


Earth Final Conflict

X-Men: The Movie & Total Recall 2070

Storm Of The Century, Nikita, Psi Factor, RoboCop & Big Hit

Sixth Grade Alien, Video, Hess & Misc...


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