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Due to the number of requests I have gotten regarding my work with the prop house JJAMB Productions I have decided to put a page up highlighting the work I have done for them. This page will include what productions I worked on, the reference and contact names/production company names for those productions and who worked along side me on those productions. This should answer many of your questions and allow me a little more time to update this page (I hope). I love answering the emails but it is time consuming.

In order to keep the page from becoming boring <yawn> I will also include my favourite prop from each production and make sure each page is linked to the corresponding page on Christina's and My webpage on our main server. That page includes stage productions and any other projects I (and she) have worked on. So. With no further ado I will begin your adventure through my experiences with JJAMB PRODUCTIONS!!!!

Martin with Renee's Energy Weapon (EFC)


Who What When and Where

These are a few of my favourite things

Humble Beginnings

Key Members (Staff) List for JJAMB


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